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First match

Mens 2 V. HCK – Away

First match of the season – Mens 2 lost Mike, Tim, Lee but gained Mens 3…first match was away at HCK, the floor was bouncy, the shuttles fast and the hall heated up to masochistic sauna levels.
Ladies 2 were playing at the other end of the hall in their first match. It was nice to have someone we know there and Phil B turned up as captain in Stefs absence
Alan P and Phil H kicked off as 1’s, Col was waiting for his partner so our thirds stepped up to 2nd – Jon L and Neil H.  Due to speed of shuttles Al/Phil did struggle at first as they flew out regularly and some of the cross courting, sliced odd play we enjoy didn’t always end up on the right court…the night improved and we got 4/6.
Col was looking pensive and much walking outside to look for passing badminton players went on…
Jon L and Neil won 2 and took 2 to 19, so very close and it was the sweatiest I think I have ever seen Neil so must have been good games.
During this we managed to get hold of Cols partner who couldn’t make it, and Phil didn’t have his kit handy (that would have been too easy!!), so we called Tom Neate who persuaded his mom to get out of her PJs into chauffeur gear and rushed him over…
Thanks very much to Tom for playing with Col at short notice, rushed on and practically couldn’t off court till finish they won 1 from 6 and gutted at losing one 24 – 22.
they had leftover xmas biscuits, the posh ones which were nice, our loss seemed to echo to the ladies – was gutting as I think the erratic way we played matches out of order and rushing tom on his night off in late and not giving him/col a break in between games meant a match we should have won, we lost.
Oh and they won more games, obviously and unfortunately. In the main it was a decently spirited match, no real hassles and they seemed nice enough.  Mens 1 should batter them…

First matchSo we lost the first match 11-7!!

348 points to 311, so closer even than it sounded, and 6 points the other way we would have pipped it 10-8…but we didn’t so we must be bottom of the league and the only way is up, certainly not down anyway (yet…)!!!  At home we should and will win…
Onto next 2 matches, against mens 1 which is perfect for both sets of teams to get decent match practice in, and as Captain i have DEMANDED that we support mens 1 in their quest for promotion. Decent night all in all, apart from the obvious – yes you guessed it Breaking Bad is now over 🙁
Alan Postan – Team Captain