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Ladies 2 – Mission nearly impossible

Ashton Ladies 2 V. Leasowes – an evening to forget

Mission 1: Find venue – Post codes – confusing sat navs and people – two quoted for venue.

Mission 2 – Locate opposition – Having found said location & sports hall we were met with ‘ what you doing here?’ looking around there were no females whatsoever except one of my fellow team mates we were met with looks of ‘only females in the village’

Negotiated ‘loan’ of a plastic shuttle to knock up with until opposition arrived.

Mission 3 – Keep warm – culture shock after the heady blue hue sauna-esque temperatures of Hagley Catholic School and it’s springy floor to the somewhat cooler temperatures and shiny reflective – double the size unyielding surface provided both ends of the spectrum.

Some 30 minutes after stated start time games commenced Tricia and Angie winning their game – initially a good start with Amie and Emma putting up a good fight.

Mission 4 – Stay calm – not easily done – plastic shuttles are never conducive with relaxation techniques, but the challenge was mostly met.

I won’t go into details but lets just say a disputed line call made the whole thing taste a little sour – that paired with tactical player placement didn’t provide a positive outcome with Ashton Ladies losing overall.
Ladies 2 - Hand shakeTo my fellow team members I hope my outburst didn’t embarrass – but I make no apologies for standing up for a fellow team member. Protocol was followed, hands were shaken with the description of my of said team mate as a ‘lovely girl’ which was contrasting to the description (all be it unspoken) of her partner at the time. But hey, we can’t all be popular 🙂 !

All that’s left to say is bring on the rematch


Ladies 2 Team Captain (on the night) – Angie McNay