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Ashton Ladies 2 – Victory

Ladies 2 home v. QBEC

With the captain of Ashton Ladies 2 absent for the start of the game, the one thing she had made sure there was plenty of was shuttles. She had neglected to supply the team with a key to the box so access to the nets was impossible. Kingswinford school proved a great ally and lent the captain less team two nets to start the match. Team in bating order Angie, Tricia, Amie (red – for obvious reasons) and Emma. At the end of round one it was level pegging, one game all, with only one ace in it. Round two and Ashton’s Ladies 2 least experienced player (Emma) played with shear determination and conviction. With the odd point ‘trying to see how far she could reach without moving her feet’ (her own words). Red (Amie Spencer) was not quite as volatile as her mixed game last Tuesday, she managed to refrain from using the bathroom in between games. A small dispute regarding the score between the 1 and 3 pairing was quickly resolved and saw Ashton’s chalk up the two games for the home team. Match score standing at 3 – 1 the visiting team when in to the last and final round needing both games to draw.
Tricia and Red were first off court securing the win for Ladies 2. Whilst Angie and Emma battle it out with the only 3gamer of the evening. Winning the first game narrowly 21-19. Of course (as it is best of three) they lost the second 15-21. Both Angie and Emma fought hard and tried every trick in the book but nothing was going to faze Delia and Freda (QBEC). Using their experience ran Ashtons ladies from corner to corner and won the away pair victory 14-21.
The large Maryland cookies were a reward for all players, leaving the Jaffa barely touched.
A great game all round with Emma chuffed at winning her first League game.Ladies 2 Victory

Well done girls and here’s to the next one that hopefully your Captain will participate in. LOL

Team Captain – Stephanie Cartwright-Randle