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Ladies Nights

Ladies NightsThree ladies nights where you can get hot and sweaty…….!

Ashton Badminton Club are holding three Ladies Badminton Nights…………!

The sort of ladies nights, where ladies can get all hot and sweating by running around a badminton court, what did you think…..! A lot of badminton clubs are running short of ladies and very few ladies get much practice at ladies doubles. Ashton’s are holding these ladies sessions and are inviting those ladies that are keen and would love to play just ladies doubles for three evenings.

Benefits of this sort of evenings besides the usually, aerobic work out, are you get to play with your ladies doubles partner or try a new partnership. Or just play lots of ladies games where you don’t have to worry whether your going to get some bloke smashing the shuttle (with all his might) just because he can……..

These nights are through the summer on the last Monday in the month.
Dates are : –
Monday 27th June,
Monday 25th July
Monday 22 August
Times 19.00 till 21.00

These ladies nights are OPEN to as many ladies and we can get. Feather shuttles will be provided. The cost is no more han the Summer fees of £5.00 per night for two hours of ladies badminton. As there is ONE court, please book early as places are limited.

Interested then contact Stephanie 07976 814036 anytime OR email

More details HERE and directions HERE.