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Newmarket International Tournament

The 20th Newmarket International Tournament played over 23/24th February 2013.

The Pheasant Pluckers entered the superb Newmarket International Tournament again, this year the team was made up by the following people: Rob Andrews, Stephanie Cartwright-Randle, Philip Buckley, and from Barnt Green, Corinne Winn.

All the players travelled to Newmarket on Friday, and so the weekend began! For Friday evenings entertainment, an Indian meal was agreed upon, and a suitable restaurant selected in Ely, where initially the service was appalling, made to wait for our order to be taken, cold food delivered to the table (after waiting for an absolute age) but after these initial stumbling blocks, it proved to be a most satisfactory meal! Then a short ride around Ely to find a pub, and we happened upon one with a roaring open fire….bliss, if Corinne could have lay across the fireguard, I’m sure she would have, the rest of us slowly melted in the blast of heat!!

Saturday morning dawned, and it has to be said, the girls were fashionably late, but what a very well organized days badminton ensued, we played three cracking matches against, (in no particular order) Belgish, Rik’s Raiders & Harveys Howlers, and out of a maximum of 204 points per match, we scored (again, in no particular order) 157, 160 & 203. We were all back at the Travelodge by 1730, time to chill, relax and prepare for the hog roast. This began at 8pm, and whilst initially it was a slow evening, once the the hog had been consumed, and the beer and music began to flow, the pace of the night quickened, initially the music was irritating, being played of an ipod (or similar) with a faulty connection, so this was discarded and the old technology of a CD was used, a small rave then ensued, and Rob and Stephanie had to be prised off the dance floor around 1230, as we all had to be on court at 0845!!

Sunday morning dawned, all to soon, and it was a bit of a rush to clear the rooms, checkout of the Ely Travelodge and arrive at Littleport sports centre by the start of play, 0845. We played our last group match against a Belgian team, Diankurst, and given that some of our team were ever so slightly the worse for wear, we amassed a respectable 194 points, giving us a weekends total of 714 points out of a maximum 816, and second place in our group. Nails were chewed to the quick whilst Harveys Howlers played their last rubber against Belgish, with a landslide win presenting 2nd place to the Howlers, but thankfully, from a Pluckers perspective, they fell short and 2nd place was the Pluckers, by a margin of 15 points! Time then allowed a semi final to be played between the two C1 groups, so as we came second, we had to play the other C1 group winners, Totally Smashed (from Lye BC) which alas, we lost, be a score of 95-72.

Whilst it would have been quite nice to have watched the final, and attended the presentation, time was slightly against us, as Rob Andrews had a wedding reception to go to on Sunday night!

So after showering and thanking the organisers who were present, we elected to depart and set off homeward bound, and it was agreed that we would find a suitable venue to eat Sunday lunch at on the route home. After what can be best described as not much short of getting lost, we ended up in Huntingdon, at a bar/café. Sunday lunch comprised of Scampi & chips, chips, and two of what was described as a mammoth burger! (Rob & Phil)

I have to say, this has been THE best tournament I have ever had the pleasure of playing in…more from Ashtons should come along next year.

A huge thank you to Stephanie, Corinne & Rob for agreeing to play.

Bless you all.