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Oldbury has a new venue but no new shuttles

Oldbury vs Ashton Ladies 1


Our first away game of the season took ladies 1 to the brand new venue Dudley Evolve against Oldbury. Oldbury are known as one of the few clubs that still play with plastic shuttles. There was hope that with the new venue came a change shuttle preference. No such luck – plastics it was.

Warm up took a little longer than expected, due to the late arrival of Miss Collins. So second pair went on. Amy Steventon and Chloe Horne spent the first few rallies getting used to the plastic shuttles, and after a slow start took the first game 22-20, 22-12. Sarah Collins and Stacey Horne took even longer to get used to the shuttles and lost the first rubber 11-21. However they came back fighting, winning the second 21-17. They were 3-11 down on the turn in the third, they needed to come back strong to win this. Fortunately tonight was their night, they came back to win 21-19.  Top effort.Oldbury - Ladies Badminton

Next games on were Sarah and Amy, and Stacey and Chloe. Stacey and Chloe had a comfortable win, easily finding the weakness in the opposition (mother and daughter pairings rarely work!!) 21-12, 21-17. Sarah and Amy had a less successful start losing 21-12. A clear difference on sides were starting to show. When facing the hall partition curtain play was much more difficult, so after switching sides Sarah and Amy won 21-18. Neck in neck throughout the third, where Oldbury came out the victor, 19-21.

Score so far 3-1. Ashton’s had already secured the draw, only needing one more game to win the match. Bearing in mind Oldbury were currently second in the league, also undefeated, making the match one to win at all costs.

Sarah and Chloe took on ladies 1 and 4 comfortably winning 21-14. However no-one is quite sure what happened in the second where they lost 9-21! A quick chat to get them back on form and they produced a confident 21-18 win. Lots of happy faces walking off court.

Stacey and Amy started off with a very close game, winning 21-19. After switching ends, Oldbury came out on to win 12-21. Having already won the match, all pressure was off. Hard work paid off with Stacey and Amy winning 21-15.

With a total of 10 points between the two teams, Ashton’s came out on top winning 306-296 overall. A 4-2 win against second in the league is a fantastic result. Meaning Ashton’s ladies first team remain undefeated (see league table HERE). Watch this space for when they play the return match at home next Thursday.

Team Captain – Stacey Horne